Laconda are the leading experts in collating machines. Collating machines assemble individual sheets of paper in the right order, which is exactly what Laconda's collators offer, with great accuracy. All our collators are designed and assembled by our own development team. As such Laconda ensures the highest quality and reliability in the continuous production process. Laconda ranks amongst the top global providers of collating machines and guarantees the best collated end product.

Laconda offers you comprehensive advice on the most suitable collating machine that matches your need. We will customise the collating machine to your specific requirements. You can also count on us for replacement parts, servicing, maintenance and troubleshooting. Laconda is a global company with its headquarters located in Soest, the Netherlands.

Our team of qualified and highly motivated professionals are here to help you!

Do you want to see how our machines work? You are more than welcome to visit us in our factory in Soest, the Netherlands.
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