Laconda (previously Müller Langenveld Vulkan Technik) has been designing collating machines for decades. We have ample experience and our innovative product development has allowed us to be responsive to our customer's needs. From mechanically driven machines we have changed to servo motors, allowing our machines to be ready for future compliance with the high standards set by our customers. Both technique and quality take the highest priority in our designs. This is one of the reasons why we use components of German manufacture. Of course, ergonomics and design are of equal importance.

You can extend your collating machine with our stitch, fold and trim units (HF33CSF) allowing the production of brochures or Wire-O binding.

The Laconda collating machines exist in three different models: the Laconda Classic Servo, the Laconda Speed Servo and the Laconda Digi.

Advantages of the servo driven Laconda collating machine