Stitch, Fold & Trimming Unit HF33CSF
Our Stitch, Fold & Trimming Unit, the HF33CSF is the ideal post press machine. It is suitable for all Laconda collators and is capable of processing the entire production of brochures and calendars. Following collation, the sheets are stitched, folded and trimmed using the HF33 CSF. Calendars can be stitched at the head. The format is infinitely adjustable from the minimum format 10x10 cm to the maximum format 35x50 cm. The HF 33 CSD uses the well-known Hohner stitcher heads. The control panel is located at the front of the machine. The transport unit in between the fold and trimming system is equipped with a control mechanism for double and/or jammed sheets. Alignment and cut are pneumatically controlled to ensure a precise cut. The machine is equipped with a programmable counter and can split the brochures as a final step in the process. For flexibility, speed and short runs, the HF33 CSF is a perfectly suitable machine.